You are a beginner miner and can't wait to go on your own adventures! You equip yourself with several digging and exploring tools to collect rare gems located underground and return to the surface safe and sound. Of course, there are several dangers awaiting you. You could get buried alive, fall in a hole or get stuck forever...

Still, you clench your hands, wear your favorite yellow helmet and start digging in hope to find two shines: One from the valuable gems and another from the sun, when you finally get out of the dark cave.

Designed by Gors, programmed by Previous

I dig this Game is a puzzle game where you have to dig for gems and bring them back to the surface. Take control of the aspiring young miner Cels and use your shovel, pickaxe, columns, bridges, ladders and ropes to achieve your goal!

The objective of each puzzle is to collect all gems and to return to the surface. You have reached the surface when you are in front of the sky background or when you are above all blocks in the puzzle.
Use shovels to dig downwards and pickaxes to dig sideways. Ladders will help you to reach higher grounds while ropes aid you climbing down. Ropes and bridges can also be used to cross over small gaps. You can jump one block high or over one block forward, but be sure not to fall down more than two blocks in height! When you die, you will have to restart the puzzle form the beginning.
Dirt becomes unstable when you dig below it and may fall down on your head. To avoid that, keep in mind these rules: Blocks are supported from below and the stability increases above gaps. A block that hangs more than two blocks away from a stable wall will cause the overhang to fall down. Keep in mind that caves below affect the stability, too! Rocks on the other hand may safe your life as they only fall in one piece, so as long as one part is sufficiently stable, they won't try to crush you. Use your columns to stabilize the ceiling. When digging a tunnel, place a column at least every three blocks. When you remove a column, you will have a tiny bit of time to run away before the dirt starts falling.
It is adviced not to start your digging adventures without a plan! The pause menu shows your available tools and offers you to get an overview of the whole puzzle.

I dig this Game was written in Delphi Pascal. It uses Andorra2D for graphics rendering and BASS for audio, as well as PNG Delphi 1.56 for PNG file handling. LabChirp was used for creating sound effects and FamiTracker for music.

Aside of the game itself, there also are a puzzle editor and an image converter. The puzzle editor allows players to create their very own puzzles to play and share! You can use alternate tile graphics in the editor, too. The image converter allows players to replace the game's graphics with their own little sprites. It may not be the most easy to use, but it works! An example graphics file is included.

Created by:
Gors - Game Design, Soundtrack, Graphics
Previous - Programming, Puzzles, Graphics, Sound Effects

I dig this Game
Together with designer Gors, I created this nifty puzzle game!
Help the aspiring young miner Cels to find precious gems in the ground below, but be careful not to end up buried alive!